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How to create a sitemap

How to create a sitemap

Google accept only XML format sitemap. So you should create a XML format sitemap. If you submit without XML file like HTML or another format. Google can’t permit to submit your site. But bing accept both XML and HTML format. Google and Bing both are accept XML format , so now we learn how to create a XML sitemap.
01. Go to https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/183668?hl=en&ref_topic=8476
02. Click Creating sitemap and copy this code(open your portable Dreamweaver, File ,New ,select XML and click create button).
03.Paste this code Dreamweaver blank page
04. Now you add your URL in the your URL place. You must your whole URL in this file like-
  • If you have image in your website you can add your image URL.
  • 06. If you are not add your image URL, you should remove this code
  • 07. Video URL is same method ,If you want to remove code
  • 08. Then save the name of sitemap.xml
  • 09. Go to webmaster tools and click crawl then sitemap then ADD SITEMAP write down sitemap and submit .After successfully add you site Google give a message sitemap submitted successfully.