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White and Black hat SEO Beauty & Health

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO follows rules and regulations of search engines. By focusing on search engine norms and values, this technique grooms any website with SEO Friendly Content and higher ranking.

White Hat SEO Tips and Tricks

Avoid irrelevant links
Link building through Social Media (Good for seo)
User friendly Interface
Look for some useful links
Legitimate Administration
Attractive offers for user
Follow Guidelines to get result
Always plan your site structure before starting to build it.
If you target a specific keyword, it is best to create a dedicated page for it.
Link to other pages of your site whenever it is possible to do that naturally.

Black Hat SEO

Black hat not like hacking into someone’s site
Willfully violating Google’s rules to improve your ranking.
High-Value or Low-Value
High-Risk or Low-Risk
Short-Term or Long-Term


Invisible text
Meta-Tag Stuffing
Scrappers site
Article spinning
Link farms
Spam blogs
Hacking sites
Before you assume a penalty, check for the following
Duplicate Content