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How to Create Facebook Account

Facebook account creating is very easy.If you have Email account like free email yahoo.com, Gmail.com or any Email account.You can create Facebook account.First go to facebook.com.Then you see middle side this page create your account.Please give their requirement data and click create an account.Then they give you a verification Email on your mail ID.Open your Email and verify this link.Now you are permit to access their site.

They have some steps to complete your account creation you can follow or skip there steps.As your wish but if you wanna a complete Facebook account  you should them.After complete your creation.You upload images,add friends,create page,create groups,share your opinion,like your friends post,comments postings ETC.

If you wanna a creative page you can design your timeline with colorful images.They have some restrictions you should follow these.So if you wanna connect your friends,family I think Facebook is the more comfortable and easy to connect with our friends and family.

If you think you wanna promote your business products or goods on online market place Facebook  can help you.So you should create your company or firms Facebook page.Then do your Facebook marketing.Invite people to see your products and goods,make link your page's your friend facebook page post your timeline ETC.So I can say Facebook is  more easy and comfortable Social Media.