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Social Media

Social Media is a part of life.Now we all say without social media life is not perfect life.In our daily life social media is become more important subject.It becomes important our individual,corporate,official and institutional.If we wanna communicate with friends,families or official partner social media help to a great media.If we wanna develop our product and goods marketing definitely help you Social Media.If you promote your business in online marketing area social medial is the best way to promote your business item or products.So we wanna know about social media.What is social media and what kind help me SM?

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a media where people join to communicate or connect with others.Social Media is a online media.So people connect these media with online or internet.People share their emotions,love ,actions,products,goods,nature,beauty,comments ETC.

Types of Social Media

There are so many social media sites in the world.But all are not remarkable in our life.So we should join a SM site which is important for our life.Like Facebook is a common social media.If you are mature (according FB terms and conditions) you can join or create account on Facebook.LinkedIn is corporate Social Media.If you a  corporate or  member of institution,office or any business area you can join LinkedIn.Twitter is a common social media but more important for remarkable  persons.So if you think I wanna join this sites.They have some terms and conditions you should follow these terms and conditions.There are some more important social media.These are Google+,Pintrest, Instagram,Youtube ETC.We discuss Next time.